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Marketing That Makes A Difference

… and innovative ways to make it work for you

With smart, strategic, creative marketing, a growing brand can leap to the next level; new income streams can be developed; goals can be met in record time; and a business can turn declining profits into rising revenues. I know all this can be accomplished because I’ve been doing it for more than 30 years  for local companies and global brands.  Hiring a full time proven senior level marketing leader can be cost-prohibitive. If a CEO or business owner handles the marketing responsibilities, that may not only divert focus from running the company, it can spread you too thin and usually short changes the  marketing too.

I’ve developed ways to make my marketing services available to select businesses on an outsourced and fractional basis.

As your company’s outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), or as a consultant on a project basis, Brian Zaslow and the Zaslow Marketing Group is able to provide the marketing insight and direction you need to achieve your goals and boost your bottom line. I work within your company, mobilizing your team and managing any outside resources.

Schedule a free consultation.

Zaslow Marketing Group offers the following services for B2B and Consumer businesses:

•  In-house CMO

•  Strategic Planning

•  Marketing Plans

•  Business Development

•  Customer Retention

•  Branding

•  Marketing Audit/Assessment
•  Digital and Social  Media
•  Field Marketing
•  Mystery Shopping
•  Franchise ad fund/co-op management
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